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Updated: Jan 17, 2019

November 18, 2018

There's a lot to be said about a woman's wedding day. Everything in life coming to a climax on this day that's supposed to be the most special day of her life. Is it downhill after that? Certainly not, there's now a beautifully normal life in marriage. Marriage day just brings everyone you love the most in one place to watch you vow yourselves to each other in a covenant before God, because of God.

I slept great the night before. I mean, fantastic! I was literally exhausted from the wedding preparations (hours of making Alfajores de Maizena with all family members on board), sweet emotions from the rehearsal dinner speeches, including tears upon tears, and even playing tennis that day with some of the wedding party. The hubs is a super rock-star tennis player. All that to say, I slept like a baby and was well rested for the big day. There wasn't much buzz wedding morning at Northriver Yacht Club as flowers were being prepared, bridesmaids were getting their hair done, and my mom and I were putting last minute items together around the venue. I kept myself busy going from room to room before my groom arrived, tearing up as I saw one more flower fall into place over the fireplace mantle where we were to be married. But before long, tears wiped, I was locked in my get-ready room to transform into a bride. How relaxing to be pampered into the woman who is to be given away by her father. As I was getting ready, one curling my hair, the other putting my makeup on, I spotted my groom out the window on the terrace - seemingly having an emotional phone conversation with family or friends who weren't able to make it. Later that night, I found out, he was just flossing. Nonetheless, there was my knight, on his wedding day. 

The pianist, my cousin, started playing softly in the wedding room as she arrived ensuing more tears welling up in my eyes as the fake eyelashes were being applied. My bridesmaids were scurrying to get the guys' suits steamed and everything in spotless order! My hair and makeup complete, I was ready to step into my dress. 

I had been nervous all day. Not the kind of nerves that mean cold feet; the kind of nerves that hit you when you know something momentous is about to happen, something divinely ordained, and you don't know how you've been blessed enough to step into such a magnificent moment. Minute-upon-minute built up and guests started arriving. I heard the scurry of activity on the other side of the door and waited patiently, nibbling on fruit. My mom, grandmothers, soon-to-be mother-in-law, aunt, mentor and bridesmaids all surrounded me and covered me in prayer, just like they have hundreds of times leading up to this moment, in their own prayers and own homes. Prayers that got me to this particular prayer, and tears fell down. There was no stopping them, as overwhelming love surround me, and gratefulness filled my heart and sank deeply in. 

Then the moment arrived. My bridesmaids walked out, and my dad and I were left alone in the room. Another moment of gratefulness as I stand beside the completely selfless and honest man who built the example in my heart of what a husband should look like. Just me and him, before he gave me away to the man that I chose to live up to my father's legacy. 

We walked out arm-in-arm and rounded the corner.

Every guest, turned towards me, was blurred out as I saw the man of my reality a hundred feet away, down an aisle I was about to walk. His smile, the biggest I'd ever seen and his eyes, blurred with tears. We drew near with every step, getting closer to becoming man and wife, as our friends sang "Amazing Grace." 

How sweet the sound. This moment froze in time (I think the world stopped spinning as quickly as it normally does). I caught my groom's eye and have never felt more peace or joy in this lifetime. My parents gave me away, and I was welcomed to the arms of a man who will take care of my heart for the rest of my life. 

And there we were, face-to-face and hand-in-hand. We listened to our pastor exclaim how God created man and how he created woman to live together in harmony with each other and with Him, but sin. It entered the picture, and now, love is a choice. We're here to choose to love each other, and we will fail, but we commit. We commit through exchanging vows. "I, Ezequiel, take you, Hannah, to be my wife." And, "Yo, Hannah, te tomo a ti, Ezequiel, como mi esposo." We will never forget the best moment of our lives to this point, as I recited my vows in Spanish for my husband. Our hearts both swelled with the most love we've ever felt.

Our friends then prayed over us, we exchanged rings, and we are pronounced...husband + wife. Because of the promise we made to each other in front of our Lord Jesus Christ, who holds every tear and joy we have ever poured out and every one we ever will. 

Hannah's VOWS



Photographer: Photos by Heart

Video: Cody Woodside

Venue: Northriver Yacht Club

Florists: Tide Wholesale Florist Supply and Tracy Dollar

Hair + Makeup: Irrelephant

Cake: K & J's Elegant Pastries


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