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Travel is the vessel I use to explore, learn, and grow. It is my inspiration. Through traveling, I grow into a better visual storyteller, a futuristic employee and a creator with global vision. I will explain this through examples from my travel experience to Bali, Indonesia.  
First, I travel to explore. With roughly 196 countries and over 7 billion people inhabiting Earth, there is an infinite number of cultures to explore. Bali, Indonesia has a culture quite opposite to my own and was a perfect place for me to explore. As I explored Bali, I saw lush jungles and fiery monkeys. The aroma of fresh-picked-then-fried bananas, grilling chicken satay, and smashed simmering chilies delighted my nose and heart. The vines hanging from the canopy of trees acted as an entranceway for the motorbikes that rushed through. This exploration was wonderful, but more than that, it led to learning.
Exploring leads to the second process of traveling—learning. As I explore a new culture, I see and understand the differences of that culture in comparison to my own. More importantly, I learn from those differences. In Bali, I cooked together with a Balinese man named Ketut and his family. He told me about his childhood in Bali and the importance of their rice crop. His grandma taught me how to make a flower offering to place in my hair. Ketut taught me how to cook “basic” (termed perfectly) sauce. Through these experiences, I learned about the differences of Bali’s culture and my own, and I established a relationship that surpassed cultures.
Lastly, I grow as a result of exploring and learning. I grow into a better visual storyteller, because I experience other people’s stories first-hand. I learn from the people that are different from me, and I become a person who is able to translate those unique stories to people who don’t have the opportunity to experience it personally. I grow into a futuristic employer, because I envision what the future could have in store for a company. I see the potential for certain projects through a big-picture perspective. Lastly, I become a creator with global vision, because I have a global vision formed through traveling. I enjoy creating projects that involve a variety of cultures and international influence.


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The flags above represent the countries that I’ve visited and learned from: Spain, Israel, Mexico, Indonesia, United States, New Zealand, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Brazil, Australia, Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Iceland, Uruguay, India, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Study Abroad Video Competition

Winner of Queensland University of Technology's video competition Spring 2013. Shot and edited by Hannah Gils. 

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